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Abe Cajudo

Pick a bio, any bio.

Baby Bear edition (140 characters):

Abe Cajudo is a director and cross-discipline creative artist who directs big ideas through online video and Kickstarter campaigns.

Mama Bear edition (140 words):

Hi! I’m Abe.

I’m a director, cross-discipline creative artist, consultant, and entrepreneur from the Bay Area, CA.

My current fascinations include working with entrepreneurs and other creatives to direct big ideas through online video and Kickstarter campaigns. Top-shelf themes running throughout my projects are innovation, versatility, intersections, and play. I value collaboration, hard work, and always, always, finding a way.

I’m a mash-up of mediums, spending countless Gladwellian hours immersed in movies, music, design, and online education. I’m a big picture guy that thrives at the intersection and I enjoy connecting ideas and people that might otherwise go unnoticed. I recently quit my day job building online courses at a big art university to make world awesomeization my full-time gig. There are cool stories to tell, good to be done, and amazing people to meet and work with. You in?

Papa Bear edition (10 facts + Slambook):

  1. I was born on an island in the South Pacific on the same day as a famous TV show plane crash.
  2. From age 9-20 music was my life. I played the trumpet, sung R&B, marched snare in a drum line and even toured one summer with a Drum and Bugle Corps.
  3. I worked in instructional design building online art classes, designing multimedia presentations, and helping to run a professional video and voiceover studio for almost 5 years. I created systems to convert, edit, and manage a library of nearly 10,000 videos for online and DVD distribution. I quickly became the go-to guy in the online division of the company for anything and everything video related. I eat codecs for breakfast. With bacon.
  4. I co-wrote, directed, and produced a $15,000, 70+ member stage production at the age of 21. I also acted in a scene, helped score the music, build set pieces, design the playbill, and did all of the multi-camera editing and authoring for the DVD. Time of my life.
  5. I’ve edited everything from sketch comedy shorts to commercials to 3D animated video game trailers shown at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo).
  6. In the last two years I’ve met more acclaimed and traditionally published authors from my bookshelf than anyone with my last name. Ever. This means a lot moving forward.
  7. I believe everything is connected and everyone is relevant.
  8. I was one of three guys in my senior class (of 400) that was accepted to a UC (University of California) right after high school. The other two were the Salutatorian and the Class President. And me, the anomaly with nothing special to his name.
  9. I’m blessed and excited to live in the age of Apple, Barack, crowdfunding, and Manny Pacquiao.
  10. I cook. I clean. I care about kids. Mama had a daycare. Mama taught me well. :)

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Name: Abraham Cajudo
Nicknames: Abe; “Who the hell is this guy?”
Superhero alias: I have two – Abeimus and Baberaham
Age: Beginner
Theme song: Outkast – So Fresh and So Clean
Style icon: Pharrell
Ultimate joy: Immersed in the moment where time disappears
Proudest moment: Saved by grace
Lowest slump: Leaving friends and the lifestyle I loved to search for answers to problems we couldn’t solve with our current level of thinking or collective experience–to become a breakthrough leader, for them and the future of our community.
Brag-worthy accolade: Seth Godin called me for advice once which was pretty cool…
Arch-nemesis: Time
Arch-angel: Pam Slim, my entrepreneurial mentor/fairy godauntie with an MMA black belt.
Ultimate quote: A line of dialogue I wrote in a play, said in a thick Filipino accent: “It’s all relative, my relative.”
Signature catchphrase: “Put some stank on it.”
Power-chakra: I don’t know what that is. Is that like The Weirding Way in the movie Dune?
Totem animal: Liger.

Thanks to Alexandra Franzen for the bio prompts.

Want to work together on a video? Need consulting before launching your crowdfunding campaign? Holler. info[at]abecajudo[dot]com. You can also follow me on Twitter for one-of-a-kind insights and shenanigans.