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Abe Cajudo is a flux artist, progressive storyteller and freelance creative consultant from the Bay Area, California. He helps businesses build deeper connections with their customers by telling better stories—no matter the medium. Abe is the author of one book, director and editor of dozens of videos, and the designer of numerous graphic, web, and crowdfunding campaigns.

Basically he likes making stuff.





Featured Projects

The Versalette Kickstarter

Kickstarter video for {r}evolution apparel’s Versalette campaign, which for a while (12/22/11 – 05/22/12) was the most funded fashion project in Kickstarter history.

Rhyan Ramirez Youth Speaker Demo

Rhyan is a motivational speaker for young adults. He wanted a demo video that could show off his public speaking skills to inspire both youth and school administrators to bring him into their schools to share his message about healthy relationships.

From script to final edit we worked together to come up with this bad boy. I think it does the trick, don’t you?

Godzilla Comic-Con Featurette

Interview package for the newest Godzilla movie with director Gareth Edwards, edited for XBOX and the San Diego Comic-Con.



From the heart and thumbs of Abe Cajudo comes #Novembher, a post-digital book of poems
written entirely on an iPhone and published to Facebook over thirty days.

Read the book for free on Gumroad.

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